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Vicki was given her first camera and light meter when she was ten years old, and has always enjoyed being on the interesting end of the lens.  She has fond memories of evenings spent in the darkroom (temporarily converted bathroom) helping her Dad create magic on paper. The advent of digital photography combined with her computer background has enabled and encouraged her to become creative photographically.

She travelled and worked in Europe and the UK with her husband, Nigel, from June 2013 to October 2016.  New Zealand will always be ‘home’, but the temptation to travel is still there!  You can find out about their travels and view some of their thousands of images at

Artist’s Statement…

I enjoy creating surreal images.  I love getting completely absorbed in developing an idea.  The process engages me completely, and the technicalities of creating the envisioned image are both challenging and rewarding.

But, while travelling I found I didn’t have the head-space or time to create my surreal images.  Not that I didn’t have some fabulous photographic moments!  It seems ridiculous to complain when I’ve photographed tiny Italian villages perched on steep ridge lines and hill tops; Greeks dancing at a private party; the mountains and pastures of Switzerland; bluebell dells, the amazing moors, standing stones and old villages of the UK; olive trees hundreds of years old; the fabulous architecture and art of Florence, Rome and London; forts and castles.

So, my surreal images are off my ‘menu’ currently and, while travelling, I eventually focussed on capturing images and telling stories of some of the interesting people I met. It was a struggle for many months until I received help to get over my very real fear of approaching people. After that, it became a joy!

Back home I’m struggling with “what’s next?”. These days you’ll find me as an aGathering ‘Artist in Residence’.

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