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Scott Fowler

Scott started playing with Photography from a young age, his father had a small dark room in their house & to this day Scott still loves B&W images. Scott spends a lot of time entering his B&W images in the International salon circuit with varying success.

Artist’s Statement…

So why do I make the images that I do, it never used to be, I was a happy snapper, hoping that if I took enough images one would be right. WRONG

Well over the last few years several events in my life have changed my outlook in life & have given me a greater understanding about what I want to take or should I say the way in which I now construct my images from conceiving the idea in my head, to pressing the shutter, playing on the computer then finally printing the image, a 4 step process.

I try to project my life’s experiences through my images, the good time & the not so good times, I have had a full & varied life & now I am able to use these experiences to create images that tell my life’s story in a round about way.

B&W photography excites me; it is the hardest to produce, to achieve an image where you can smell the blood, where your viewer can feel what you felt, images that communicate the fullness of my life, with the passion I have for my photography, I hope to achieve all of the above.


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