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Pauline Neilson
Pauline is a work in progress. As a small child seeing her father bring home the Kodak prints from the local chemist she felt an excitement that only a child would understand. Deep within her soul she heard a message that was put on hold until now. With her 3 sons having left home she can ride the air beneath her wings and freely explore a voice that has called to her for a long time. Sounds silly but that’s the real stuff that drives her. She lives on 2,000 acres of their hill country farm just outside Wanganui, New Zealand. Her bed is in the centre of the master bedroom with a window that takes up the whole wall that faces east into each new day. How lucky can you get to be able to see that.

Artist’s Statement…

No longer is there time to fill this world with ugly images and inhumanity to fellow man. There is no tax on love. Someone who pulled considerable weight is supposed to have said, “Let there be light.” and guess what, that’s what a photographer is so intimately involved with !! The areas of photography that I am exploring look at how I see the love that surrounds people and the aspects of my vision that are not generally visible to most observers. Currently I am creating books about people and different aspects of how they interact with their world as well as exploring images that I see with my inner eye and try to bring into a tangible form to share with others. I love making a connection between an image I have made and what I have learnt from it. I am working hard on learning the technical aspects of digital photography that will allow me to realise the images that fill my head. I want to share them with other inspirational photographers.


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