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Jenny Couldrey

Jenny picked up a camera early on, inspired as a small child by time spent with her grandfather and his Rollei TLR. The magic has continued, fuelled by the first glimmerings of an image developing in the darkroom. She now uses the camera as a tool to create imagery interpreting her view of the world.

Artist’s Statement…

We must live with the earth and deal with each other with compassion. If that word was a rule for living war, conflict and insults to Gaia would be irrelevant concepts. Difference would be accepted and respected. Violence would have no place. Balance would be a realistic goal.

Since I can remember I have felt very close to the earth and the natural world,Artemis is my muse. The explorer in me wants to understand all the whys and wherefores of this life. Artmaking allows me to make a translation of what I find. It’s a cleansing process. It allows interpretation of that which can’t be explained. It tells my stories.

Although the work I make has it’s beginnings in camera I don’t always feel a need for the endpoint to retain direct connection with the conventional idea of a photograph. Adding a third dimension is often more satisfying and relevant Conceptual threads, weaving themselves through the timeline of my life, are related in some way to the human/earth/universe balance.

Capture is intuitive, and sometimes at the moment of pressing the shutter it is not always clear what it is that is connecting, or how the frame will be woven, although there is a thought running through me. In production I become aware of frames that have significance. From there I continue the intuitive process and find that the pictures largely make themselves. Sometimes they come in dreams. All are a response of my subconscious to concepts that have been developing from a point of observation of without from within.

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