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Barbara Burry

Barbara, an Australian pharmacist, moved to New Zealand in 1984. Since 1992 she has lived in Hanmer Springs in the foothills of Southern Alps. She started documenting her school friends in the 1950’s with a box brownie, but in the last 30 years has been seriously addicted to pressing the shutter. She enjoys creating portraits, landscapes and the essence of the forests in her backyard. She loves documenting old buildings, their history and their paraphernalia. She tries to emphasize the spirit and ambience of her environment and its people. Her first love is monochrome. She vacated her dark room in 2001 and now works digitally in both colour and monochrome enabling her to explore abstract photography and other ways of creating images.

Ann Worthy Stephenson

Watch this space!

Meg Lipscombe

Some years ago on a photography course, we were given a challenge with a subject that was created specifically for each of us…mine was “Passion is not an Ordinary Word”. I often think of this.

I love seeing light, I love colours, I love natural beauty, I love mood and I love developing my images with the feeling I had when I saw them.

I live on the shores of Lake Tarawera surrounded by native bush, a perfect place to indulge my passion.

Graham Dainty

I have always been in love with the land of New Zealand, especially Fiordland. Photography for me is to show our world as I appreciate it. Being able to interoperate a scene and make a worthy image requires dedication and thought, this process is a lifetime project and continues to grow and change as I see more.
A world stretching out
a camera cutting pieces
the photographer’s vision
an image, a story for all

Sue Morton

My latest path has been combining my two present passions – painting and photography.
Through a three-year diploma with the Southern Institute of Technology, I’ve discovered the wonders of digital photography and Photoshop.
Above all, I enjoy the challenge of creating something new – who knows where this road will take me.
I hope you enjoy my images as art is highly subjective and the least we can hope for as artists is a response from our viewers.

Vicki Slade

Having returned from three and a half years of travelling and working in the UK and Europe, I’m struggling to find my new ‘normal’.  But at least a little bit of that new normal will have to include some time for photography, so here I am.  I’ve got no idea of what’s next.

Sarah Stirrup

Photography and me.
Life-time, life-line, passion, addict
Playful, fun, energy, create. Landscape, street, portrait …
artist?? Personal, emotional, fear, self-doubt, doldrums
Inspiration, motivation, education … network, mentors, friends
Skilful? Lucky. Amazing! Smile, click. Love it.

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