Jan 212018
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Sometimes what you need is a Simple Shift in Focus

‘As most people who look at aGathering know, when left to my own devices, I end up with my 105mm macro on my tummy looking at some miniscule piece of the world. For years, part of that obscession has been attempting superb sharpness of the very tip of something long, thin and pointed…grass, a leaf, a petal, a stamen…a fish…whatever hadn’t ever really mattered. Weird obscession!

A couple months ago, on my 60th birthday, there I was again, 105mm macro …focusing on something long, thin and pointed….except one minor problem…it was reeeeealy windy. With a fast shutter speed, I did manage it……however, with the wind, one photo came out with in focus part way down from the pointy bit.

hhhhmmmm Guess which one of the 176 I took on the day is my favorite?
Maybe all these years I’ve been placing my focus on the wrong thing!
A simple shift in focus created one of my favorite flower photos ever!
Maybe we should remember to apply this small lesson to life…

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