Skying #3 – Glenhome, February 2018

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Feb 072018
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The sky was intense, bold colours and shapes, billowing and stretching above me.

But within that, and below… closer to home… little wisps trying to hold their own under the showy mass above.

Small and gentle.

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  2 Responses to “Skying #3 – Glenhome, February 2018”

  1. The sky is there every day…….. it is always different. Different moods, different intensity, different feelings.

    I think that 70% of the population dont even notice
    20% say “nice sky” and walk on
    5% stop and look
    2% take a quick snap
    2% look a bit longer and make a small piece of art
    1% take that art, think about what it means to them, write some words and publish so we can all understand

    Thanks for being our 1% Jen

    • Well said, lovely series. I think i’m part of the first 2% on a good day – I make a snap of something I like! Other days I’m part of the 5%… although in Ireland it’s all too often just grey without the cloud detail!

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