Broom takeoff

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Ready for take off!

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  1. This exercise was great fun Anita and its also fun to see the images reemerge from your computer

    • Thanks Ian, it was fun indeed! Plus I learnt a lot. I will be redoing it with my camera club here in a few weeks and will see what they come up with! I’m having a clear out of my computer, there are THOUSANDS of photos… and only a handful that I absolutely love! Many, many family photos that never see the light of day and need to be put into a book so we can actually look at them!

  2. I love these images of yours Anita. I remember that weekend well. Ian, Ferg and Dave set us many fun challenges in and around the Queen Mary Centre and around Hanmer’s environs. The QMC remains unrepaired despite the numerous ideas for using it. The two biggest obstacles are raising the money to repair it to a standard able to withstand more earthquakes, especially since the 16th November 2016 devastating Kaikoura earthquake. There is now a local group pushing for more and permanent access. It is all very political!

  3. What a fun series Anita. Moving a reimagined rubics cube from place to place looks like play to me. It brought a smile to my face.

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