SH75 #3

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Jan 242018
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  1. A very interesting series Jenny – really enjoyed it. I too have played like this in the car, quite entertaining and breaks up a car journey with some creativity! Don’t try it from the driving side!!!

  2. I enjoyed the series as well.

    Each image tells part of the story but at a different energy level. No 1, for me, feels quite mysterious as we have to piece it together and draw an imaginary line around the upcoming corner. No 2 is quite threatening and that is probably very accurate as passing another car is a threatening moment which is exaggerated by blaze of contrast in the lights.Then No 3 sits in the middle somewhere as i sense a moment coming up but an escape to the darkness not far behind.

    All of this story that I saw from this must because it is a familiar situation that I recognise. Makes me wonder how they would be interpreted by someone not familiar with night driving on NZ roads…..

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