Jan 142018
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“Collapsing the incredible complexity of a three-dimensional city into flat layers of chaos simulates the feeling Bryn Forbes gets from seat 12F on final approach to LAX. He’s processing how incredibly complex a city is—imagining a blueprint for every window, every faded and chipped sign, every coat on a hook, every picture on a refrigerator—all in one’s brain, all at the same moment.”
The images are on display until Jan 28th at SLO Museum of Art http://sloma.org
, and hopefully will be up on Bryn’s website http://brynforbes.com soon. In the meantime many can be found at http://behance.net/brynforbes

My work lately has been about the stories behind every window, and the struggle behind every eye, trying to find some small way to encourage empathy in myself and the people around me. In our modern world of busy, we have built walls to keep out the inconvenient, without realizing the connections we have walled out. I invite you to get outside the walls of your own head and see if you can find the story/struggle in somebody that you might not normally give a second or first thought to.

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  4 Responses to “A light behind ever window – Bryn Forbes”

  1. You’ve struck a chord with my Bryn – the thoughts behind your pictures really resonate, and I don’t think that so many people realise that when they’re walling something out, they’re walling themselves in, creating a prison, no matter how fancy; whether it’s a physical wall or a mental one.

    The chaos and saturated colours of the picture are wonderful and I keep coming back to explore further. I love the idea of planes of subject matter colliding and creating interference. I remember the wonder I felt when I finally figured out the artwork produced for a Pink Floyd album was a multilayered photogram. This has that feel.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comments Jenny C!
    And thanks for the opportunity to contribute Tim

  3. I like the complexity and layering but also the repetition. It does invite exploring. I think we all need to have filters to keep sane in such a chaotic environment. But you are right it can good to carefully look on the outside of those filters and see what is there.

  4. Opps that last comment was mine.

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