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The day I made this image (which takes the whole process up a notch by using my real camera) Ann posted the video by Dewitt Jones on facebook.

His “Celebrate what is right with the world” is a fantastic philosophy. Somewhere in his talk he said something about being so enthusiastic about life that you could go into the bathroom and get excited about the colour of a toothpaste tube.

How did he know??

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  3 Responses to “Colgate”

  1. I see that you do tend to have fun creating rather unique and unusual images when you are mobility impaired! I have enjoyed this series Ian.

  2. Great minds think alike!

  3. That’s a dose of what we all need! I’d saved that link, so off to watch it now.

    I’m interested in these Ian, you’ve taken the Pep Vendosa technique and are making things a little bit Hockney! It fascinates me that you are making these “fractured” images at the moment. That Hockney feel is something I’ve been trying to incorporate for a while, with no success. And I tried the Pep Vendosa effect but have not pursued it. Glad you have!!!

    Pleased to see the “real” camera in your hand again… and look forward to more of these from a widening landscape.

    Heal well! Xx

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