Jan 092018
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“Flower Soup”.

Made regularly – or another variation which is “Ant Poison”, and distributed liberally across my doorways and along vege bed edges. I’ve been particularly interested in the latter version which I did not discourage given the prompt of “out of the mouths of babes” which entered my head. Who are we to judge the subconscious knowledge that may or may not be driving this 4 year old’s earnest attempts at pest control? Bio safe option at the very least!

Flower soup involves gathering what brave specimens have dared show their faces in my sparse and dry flower garden. I’m very excited to see what pops up as I clear the weeds and try to get water down to more than the top 2cm of soil. I’m regularly being pleasantly surprised. And so are the soup makers. I had to draw the line at the pop up restaurant dispensing soup and dessert when the total fine china contents of my dresser started appearing out on the completely unforgiving patio. An interesting insight into personalities arose when all the crockery had to be replaced by plastic takeaway containers. Eldest child absolutely struggled to imagine the fine dining atmosphere resulting. Number 2 child was more than happy with the effect, didn’t make one bit of difference to her play.

And my quiet and serene domesticity becomes bright and busy and full of moments to treasure.

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