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Final frost pattern.

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  1. These are lovely Anita. When sitting here, enjoying the warmth of a New Zealand summer, it is a good reminder that it won’t last forever.

    When I first looked at them I thought you’d been caught in a rain storm during a tropical holiday. Minor White would have been delighted with these. He said “One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.”

    • Thanks Jenny, love your comment by Minor White – good to be reminded of that and for you to see that in action in my image!

  2. The tiny details in the frost on these images is what draws me in to these images.

    It appears to be very delicate and its easy to forget that a harsh cold is what caused the patterns to form.

    • Thanks Ian, it’s incredible what patterns can be produced by frost. It certainly appears to be a certain type of frost or coldness that brings out the pictures rather than a plain sheet of ice that we usually have! It was truly bitter that day and within minutes of me photographing them they disappeared as the temperature just rose sufficiently for that to happen.

  3. Anita, you have a nice abstract feeling to these, especially using black and white.

    • Thanks John, they weren’t right in colour at all due to the window coloration behind them! Far superior in black and white!

  4. Beautiful pictures Anita! I have to say being from a slightly warmer location, until I went down to Christchurch I’d never experienced these beautiful patterns. I was completely fascinated the day my car became covered in what looked like a damask table cloth after a frosty start in Christchurch one morning. We certainly never see anything like that on the window panes. All the more reason to try the chilly Christmas and New Year one year as we’ve been promising ourselves. But would be pretty hard to abandon this glorious summer!

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