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Dec 172017
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It’s hard to believe it’s been thirteen months since we were in India and I created my [previously] last portrait of a human. As time went on there was a teeny-tiny niggle that maybe through lack of practise I’d re-ignited my old fear. I still don’t have the drive I once had to carry my camera everywhere, nor to look at those interesting faces and then approach. Maybe that will now come.
Anyway …. we’re now living in Eagleby (half-an-hour’s drive south of Brisbane). Last weekend we went ‘drivies’ and had a lunch stop in Beaudesert. As we wandered back to the car, with my camera bag where it should be, and where it is unaccustomed to being of late, we passed a couple of men painting the interior of a new shop. They’d stopped for a break and were standing at the door. I couldn’t help but smile at Mark and we said hello. We kept walking but a few strides on I said to Nigel “I’ve just got to ask”, so I trotted back, as I dragged my camera out of the bag, and asked if I could take his portrait and he said “sure” – he needed a new image for his Facebook page!
There was no fear.

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  5 Responses to “Mark – Vicki Slade”

  1. As soon as this image appeared on my screen I thought “Vicki is back”

    Love it !!!!

  2. You can see to the soul! Great portrait indeed! Keep going!

  3. Absolutely stunning Vicki.

  4. Thank you for your encouraging comments!

    A couple of days ago another photographer suggested that it’s the harsh light down-under that’s affecting my enthusiasm – an interesting perspective, and one I must think about when I’m next out and about. It’s a silly idea on the surface, especially when so many other photographers capture images down here, but I know that for years I’ve made the decision to not carry my camera gear on some outings because the light is bright and it won’t get used. Is it just me that does that?

  5. So glad that the fear wasn’t there! And great to see your portraits again. I’ve carried my camera regardless for so long, that this current urge to actually leave it behind feels very strange. But I can’t find a good reason to actually pick it up and walk out the door. I don’t think it’s the light.

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