Dec 132017
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Faded, worn and ageing, she might be, but there’s a time when she was smart, one of the belles of the ball, tricked out in the latest post modern style.

I can see it in her bones. And I love her all the more for it. She’s been overlaid with hideous clothes; mutton dressed up as lamb; and her skin, not well looked after, shows every wrinkle and age spot. Her bottom and bosom sag, and yet there’s a lightness of spirit, and an underlying elegance that allows her to gracefully show her age despite her ugly fashion makeover.

Here I can be myself… maybe I identify more with her than I care to admit. And enjoy the moments that make up my life, regarding less a desire to make an impression.

I find myself compelled to note things that call to me here.

So I will continue documenting these moments.

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  4 Responses to “Moments of Domesticity #6, Sophia St – October 2017”

  1. Wonderful series of life Jen. And realte to your expressive words too. I look forward to more in this series

  2. Enjoying this series Jen, thank you.

  3. Jenny, with the first two images I was just getting used to the wallpaper with the embossed pattern. Now you have changed it to a different pattern.
    Sounds silly but my point really is that God is in the detail, and it is the detail that makes these images interesting. They, including the wallpaper, depict an era so well.

  4. I do not know what is about you Jen, and your photographs, but every time I am in the doldrums you find a way of kicking my “sagging bottom”. The simplicity, elegance but importance of your images are so overwhelming to me. I have not lifted my camera for months, not at all motivated, had more eye surgery and now needing to be there for an important person in my life, time has come to talk with pictures again. Thank you for the reminder about how important our images are.

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