Wind Turbine study 3

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Dec 062017
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  1. A lovely series Anita. A simple and elegant depiction of power. This one is my favourite.

  2. Thanks Jenny. This one has grown on me over time too!

  3. Anita, these images fit my love of “less is more”. But I now have a 27inch 4k screen and looking at this image I am reminded of Mies van der Rhoe’s other famous quote “God is in the detail”. I can see something and its shadow on the tip of the blade and some little details on the pole. Just adds to the interest to the boldness of the subject.

  4. Thank you John. All the clubs in NI are competing on the topic of Infrastructure this month so it will be interesting to see what emerges from everyone. Of course wind turbines are popular so I wanted to create something different. I had another image of the close up wind turbine with cloud behind which I thought was stronger which I submitted but unfortunately it wasn’t selected to go forwards from my local club to the overall NI competition. In hindsight, some of these images may have been stronger than the cloud one but that’s part of the learning I guess!

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