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This image is part of a series of images I made on film of the Harland and Wolff headquarters Belfast. The building, where the architects and draughtsmen designed the Titanic, has now been renovated and opened as a hotel in September 2017.

It is a black and white darkroom silver print.

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  5 Responses to “Harland and Wolff Headquarters, Belfast – Anne Cassidy MFA”

  1. Anne, in addition to the historic significance, I like the grand nature of the building and the stairs along with the signs of aging of the floor and walls. Although it looks good here I bet the print looks fantastic.

    • Hello John,

      Thank you for your comment. It was a subject that suited silver prints best. And while time consuming the wet darkroom is a lovely way to work when you have a well exposed negative.

  2. I love this image Anne. Great shape and form, the shadows just add to it. There’s so much to look at in the detail. Love the door to the left.

    • Hello Anita,

      Thank you, it was an interesting building to photograph and I was lucky to get the opportunity to capture it on film.

  3. Hi Anne
    I love the balance of this image in so many ways – light/dark, strong solid forms/filigree and curves/straight lines. There’s a balance too, in the feeling of “which way do I go?” Left/right, up/down. I’d love to see the print, it just sits so gently although it’s strong.

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