Shanghai #3

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Nov 182017
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In the other direction along the canal was an area described in the tourist guide as the “Old City”.

it was a neat place with a number of markets and museums in the back streets and wonderful tea houses looking over the canal.

But “Old” in Chinese terms it was not. We decided that it was probably a replica built in the first half of the 20th century. Dont know that but thats what it felt like….

For me real old is fascinating but “replica old” has a hollow feel. It made me wonder what our “rebuilt old” cathedral will be like……..

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  1. “Reconstructed” old perhaps gives an indication of what that place was once like. BUT for me it is a bit like a “fun” park, something like Ferrymead or Shanty town on the west coast. But different to the original. After another 100 years or more the replacment cathedral will be old, and different. Let’s just hope that something is done

  2. great series Ian, This is my favourite photo. As Barbara said in another photo – great to see your workplaces!

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