Mystic River – Dave McDonald

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Nov 122017
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“Skimming the surface in the blackness, a merest hint of light began to reveal the silhouette of our mountain surroundings. That feeling of awe amongst nature could only be recorded in the mind.

Days later, huddled on the shore, the incessant rain steadily joined the dark expanse of water stretching before us.

Then, as the light rose, the rain eased and the distant passing of a speeding fisherman revealed the essence of the River Li.”

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  2 Responses to “Mystic River – Dave McDonald”

  1. Your comment about the feeling of awe being recored only in the mind is so true. There are times when you should just put the camera down and immerse yourself in the wonder of nature. The feeling of being fully present in the moment is what you’ll remember long after. I think this was one of those moments. Thank you Dave.

  2. Love this image Dave and it’s so good printed too! Thank you.

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