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Nov 082017
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Some beaches are sand, some are cobbles. This one in particular was cobbles of lots of colours, mostly pastel. I liked it a lot.

I’ve always enjoyed going to a beach and for me, it’s all about the sand component and the water only from a distance to enjoy its sounds, the patterns of waves rising and falling, and the ebb and flow of the water. I prefer warmth with it too, but in Ireland and indeed in many places, that’s not the usual. For photographing a beach I like dull weather. The moodier the better.

However, in Mayo on day 3 I attempted to photograph the big waves as the storm passed through but came away defeated! Way too many waves, all crashing around. Way too much wind for the camera never mind me trying to stay vertical. And the roar of it was so immense!

By day 4 a new beach canvas had emerged, virtually no plant debris but lots of stones dragged down the beach from the top by the power of the retreating waves. An amazing difference within 24 hours!

Something new to photograph yet again!

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