Holga 3

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Nov 012017
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This is one of my favourites, and another double exposure. The campus is beautiful in spring. It was great to explore the whole campus, talk to people I’d never met, and find hidden corners which will be good to go back to one day for a quiet lunch break.

Don’t let the negative strip fall off its peg, into the dust at the bottom of the drying cupboard, ever again! It was a marathon effort, cleaning up every scanned negative in Photoshop.

The three in this set are part of our class exhibition. One exam to go and the year is over. It’s gone quickly, but it’s been amazing.

Grateful thanks to everyone for your encouragement and support during the year – you know who you are. And very special thanks to my wonderful husband, Ron, and to my essay proof reader Laura, our lovely daughter.

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  1. Thanks Jenny for taking me on a journey I have never travelled. I enjoyed following someone else on this path but, as you can imagine, I have no burning desire to follow it myself.
    This way I could enjoy the journey vicariously!

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