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Oct 302017
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I’ve just completed the last module of my Fine Arts Intermediate year at university. For this our class was issued with a Holga camera each and 2 rolls of Ilford 120 B&W film for each of four weeks. Off you go, having never used the camera or the film before, out into the campus, expose the two films, 24 images, then come back to the studio darkroom and process them. Holy moly! There are SO many steps along the way where things could, and did, go wrong. But it was a great experience apart from the double horizontal lines across every single image, and masses of dust and crud to clean off the scanned negatives.

I don’t think I’ll every forget the first contact sheet appearing, like magic, in the dark room. Fantastic. All the images were taken on campus, this one is a double exposure, an accident, but I liked the result anyway.

How did I get to my age never having done this before?

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  1. I have enjoyed this series of vignettes and vignetted imges from your Fine Arts course, Jenny. Darkroom activities can be very frustrating as well as very satisfying and you do learn about cleanliness and NO dust! At least you already have the photoshop skills to fix your scanned negatives. I found dark room work very exciting and satisfying but also frustrating and one defnitely slows down 🙂 !

    Was it darkroom work or playing with the Holga that you had never done before ??? And those darkroom skills transfer very well to digital development and creation. What’s on next year ???

    • Both actually Barbara. I’d never processed in a dark room, nor had I ever used a Holga. I’ve used film in the past, but sent the films to a lab for processing.

      Too early yet to know what next year will bring. It depends on marks, which will be released early December.

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