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Much of the geography in Bali is volcanic and a short walk from the hotel is “the blowhole”. Here a small inlet in the volcanic rock faces to the ocean and every few minutes as a swell passes there is a blast of spray as a wave crashes in.

There isnt much influence of health and safety regulations in Bali so it is possible to walk right to the edge. I watched this guy take several selfies getting closer to the edge each time.

I enjoyed the basic photograph but I enjoyed more adding the colour and texture that represented the absurdity of the selfie at all costs mentality. Sticking your head into a crashing blowhole or a volcano seems like more than you need for a photo….

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  4 Responses to “The Wave”

  1. Ian, I have never been to Bali, but these images are certianly not the ‘usual’ thing people post who visit Bali. Thanks for the different view.

  2. I love this photo, got a great look and feel to it! Selfie-madness for this generation!

  3. Anita posted as Artists in Residence… guess I shouldn’t have posted whilst logged in there!

  4. When we were in Samoa we visited the Aleofaga blowholes where one of the locals performed for the tourists. He walked towards the water and then performed by dropping coconuts down and they were forced upwards. My challenge was to catch those coconuts on high. I managed to get one shot after the last coconuts were dropped! ( ). It was windy and wet and slippery so even being told to stand back it was still a challenge to stay upright! We didn’t mind paying him for his performance either!

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