Oct 162017
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Such a simple vignette, loaded with meaning for me.

After almost 6 years of temporary living my brain just shut down. “NO MORE!”. No. More. Anything. ANYTHING! I had no idea what had been building up until the tidal wave hit me, and knocked me over. I couldn’t hold more than one thought in my head at one moment. Just completely shut down.

So we’ve settled. We’ve rented a place and we’ll be here until our new place is finished. And then we’ll move there. And I sigh a huge sigh of relief, and breathe again. It’s light, and sunny and has space.

It felt as though all creativity had disappeared. I didn’t know what pictures I wanted to make for myself to share here, and apart from work assignments the camera has not been in my hand. That was until I walked down the hall and saw the washing basket welcoming me. Such a simple vignette loaded with meaning.

I must have been a washerwoman in a previous life. My domestic bliss is doing washing, hanging it on the line, bringing it in and folding it. One of the first things I claimed from Mum’s was her washing basket. And apart from the subject was the light, and the space, and the knowing that I could wash any time I wanted. With no concern for anyone else’s machine, or time, or space. Such a simple thing.


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  5 Responses to “Moments of Domesticity, Sophia St – October 2017”

  1. Jen, I just love this. It tells the total story of your current situation. Such a peaceful image now that you’re in such a peaceful space. So pleased for you both.

  2. Jenny, I love this post in many ways. In words, you have conveyed so well what has been an issue for you in recent years. it is an issue that may seem mundane but can be very frustrating. Simple, uncomplicated routine in our lives is so important. Simplicity.
    Then your camera has also captured that feeling so well. Simplicity again. I like the washing basket being the hero, especially after what you have said. The monotone helps the simplicity plus the warmth of the light fits your story about liking washing.

  3. Dear Jen, you have this wonderful talent of making the simplest things beautiful. It comes from within 🙂

  4. simply stunning……

    seldom does so little say so much so well

  5. A wonderful simple expression of your new space. It tells a huge story. Do enjoy the journey

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