Oct 152017
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This is one of the many Parks in the Sunshine Coast region of Australia and we’ve enjoyed several good walks. Some of the tracks are wheelchair accessible, and some are surprisingly rugged. We usually went out mid-week to avoid larger numbers of visitors at the weekend, but on one trip we found we’d been ignorant of school holidays and the place was teeming (seriously!) with families, from little ones to teenagers. It was a trip up Mt Ngungun (pronounced ‘noo noo’), one of the Glasshouse Mountains – while only half an hour or so each way, the track was mainly steep and rough, and the only grizzle we heard from any of the children was from a little tot who was screaming his lungs out for a short while because Dad insisted on carrying him uphill for a stretch.
However, back to Kondalilla – I keep returning to enjoy this image, perhaps because we didn’t travel further up the creek to the bottom of the falls, which are just around the corner to the right. I think it’s enticing me to go back, however it’s been very dry since our visit so we’ve been avoiding ‘waterfall’ trips. Something to look forward to.

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  2 Responses to “Kondalilla Falls National Park – Vicki Slade”

  1. Looks great, Vicki.

  2. I find the small an interesting hint at the raging torrent that must have been here at one time to drop those huge boulders into their current position.

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