Seasons of our lives 3

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Our tiny cluster of friends, those within our inner circle of confidence, are valuable. Our confidents. They get fewer as time moves on. As the older generation keeps telling me, there are fewer and fewer of my friends to talk to every year.

The blurriness of this also reflects the increase in dementia that we seem to be seeing in the older generation. People caught in a whirlwind unable to express, or maybe even know, their needs as they have forgotten how to and it’s hard to even know what they are seeing or hearing or comprehending. How frustrating that must feel.

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  4 Responses to “Seasons of our lives 3”

  1. Relationships/friendships are so important. Anita, an interesting depiction of that.

  2. I enjoyed this series Anita. And it was especially interesting to understand the thinking behind it.

    The photographs do not directly tell us the story you had in your mind but add a paragraph and we can reflect on the images and their message.

    • My cousin has a saying that ‘each decade brings its blessings’… he’s a GP and it reflects that certain conditions affect people in their 30s, 40s, 50s etc. So when I saw the lone green leaf and the stairs it looked a like a progression of time. Being only three steps it would be more like a ‘generation in time’. The leaves reflect the autumnal feel we have currently and that I do feel we have seasons in our lives too. The childhood years, university years, family raising years and so on! Glad you enjoyed the series!

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