Cherry Tree – Spring

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Oct 042017
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Some might say this tree is useless, because it only flowers once a year, but I don’t care about that. True, the blossoms are gorgeous and they only last a couple of weeks, but so are the leaves, the autumn colours and the bare branches. The petals have just finished falling, and the new leaves are a wonderful, bright, yellowy green.

I wish everyone could have a tree like this one.

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  2 Responses to “Cherry Tree – Spring”

  1. Jenny, great story using pictures about something important to you. .

  2. Im not sure that there is any such thing as a “useless tree”.

    But this one is certainly very special.

    These images tell me about your relationship with the tree more than anything else. You are the only person who sees the beauty in the detail because you have watched it grow for 27 years.

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