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Oct 012017
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“My recent foray into photography has been somewhat of a whirlwind, a conglomerate of techniques and styles. When it comes to interacting with human subjects I continue to be incredibly nervous; nonetheless there have been a few moments where the act of striving for a frame has afforded me a glimmer, a peak at one’s character. While making the following image I felt to be in one of those moments.

This is Frits, and with the help of his partner Debbie they run Purple Rain – a decidedly unique and retro café/bar on Princess Street Dunedin. Self-confessed music fanatics, the pair have collected a variety of memorabilia and stoically display them for all to see. They continue to support local and national talent into the late hours providing concerts that are organic and intimate. It is refreshing to meet folk who are proudly distinct, perfectly imperfect. In my pursuit of a semblance of self, I dearly hope to continue meeting, unapologetically human, beings like Frits.”

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  2 Responses to “Frits – Jonathan E Barnsley”

  1. A unique character and a very unique location. Thanks for sharing with us Jono.

  2. Awesome portrait Jono.

    I just love the way the quirky environment seems to say so much about Fritz.

    This image was certainly made in “one of those moments”

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