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At the end of last summer we had a great walk in the Otari bush reserve. I got back to the car before the rest of the family and sat on a rock reflecting on the end of the lovely weather and the nearing end of our time in Wellington, before leaving to live in the Wairarapa. One of Wellington’s features that had me mesmerised from the day we arrived were the magnificent Pohutakawa trees. I love their flowering season and then the beauty of how their petals suddenly drop and get dispersed by the wind. Whilst I was sitting on my rock waiting, I observed how the beautiful petals accumulated on three different surfaces – the man made road verge, a rock and the bark of the tree itself. The only camera I had was my iPhone so I set to work.

ps , did I ever say I love texture ….?

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  1. That is quite lovely. Not the kind of pic I would take and it seems I am obviously missing something. I look at the tree whole. Our Jacarandas drop colourful flowers too must pay attention to this next time. Thks Bruce

  2. I really like the gradual change from big stones, to fallen red petals to the grey road. The overall shape reminds me of water on the foreshore flowing forwards then receding leaving its froth behind. I think it is a wonderful composition and the roundness is in stark contrast to the triangles of number 3. Your phone camera was just your tool and made images of what you wanted to show.

  3. Thank you Bruce. These three images of the petals put me in mind of the cherry blossom tree in our garden, which is about to pop. I love that tree and love photographing it, in all seasons. Nature gives us all so many treats.

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