Shining Light #3

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Aug 262017
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There is a huge range of architectural styles and level of grandeur amongst the tombs.

However, it is evident that you need a dollar or two to get in……

Many are immaculately maintained but others, like this one, have fallen into disrepair. A beautifully clean one may sit right next to another with broken glass, leaves and rubbish throughout. That made me wonder what had happened to the family.

In this case the main window above the door had been broken and the outer panes of clear glass were covered with dust and mould. Yet inside was still filled with a warm soft glow created by the refraction from the dust and the decaying plaster on the wall.

I decided that this family must have been good people as nature was caring for their tomb.

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  2 Responses to “Shining Light #3”

  1. An impressive series, imho, Ian, with wonderful light. I think you certainly take advantage of the amazing places you are able to visit. It always amazes me how you find these interesting spots in your wanderings.

  2. Enlightening seriws Ian! Beautiful work that teally honours the tombs and inhabitants. I love the way you see and experience places.

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