Shining Light #1

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Aug 242017
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I was in Buenos Aires last week and walked to La Recoleta Cemetary.

I will go back as it was too much to comprehend in one visit. According to Mr Wikipedia there are 4691 vaults covering 14 acres. This is a totally different way of honouring the dead and is a fascinating place.

As you wander along the streets and alleyways between the mausoleums you find that some are open, with glass windows, and others are more private. What struck me was the light in each tomb. Many have small stained-glass windows that catch the light and fill the room with a beautiful glow.

This series of images is about that glowing light

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  1. Superb series Ian. I like all of them but I really the framing on this one! It could work as a square image too I guess. As a photographer you could spend ages there just finding photographs along the way and telling stories. It certainly feels like somewhere you could happily go to reconnect with your loved ones too once they had passed away.

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