Aug 212017
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An unashamed plug, this one.

I’m proud of the creativity of all my children, as I’m sure you’re quite aware from my posts here. Juliet, my middle daughter has just released her latest Found Jewellery collection “Wander” and was adamant that I would be doing the photography. Although I’ve done jewellery photos for her before, each time is a new learning curve with new challenges.

This time was more than no exception – one of the challenges was completely unexpected. She wanted the model shoot to be at Wai O Tapu, a thermal area of most gorgeous colours near us. The Photographer’s Ephemeris was a real boon, giving me a really good idea of when and where the best light would be. So, the day before, she, I and 4yo Ashleigh arranged to do a scout to find the best location, and just as we started to drive out of town I was… “is that SLEET on the windscreen?”, and then not a minute later it was SNOWING! In Rotorua. OMG – gorgeous floaty snow, absolutely blanketing the trees (ok South Islanders… maybe not by your standards!). We were in heaven, but trying to picture how on earth we would be able to drag a model around in similar conditions, bare armed, the next day.

We decided not. Big mistake. Took another month at least to find a day where all of us could reconnect, and by that stage we had to take whatever weather we could get, it was getting desperate. That first day would have been fantastic by comparison. When we eventually did get to shoot, it was bright sun. Rain. Wind. Clouds. Rain. And more rain. And some more bright sun. All were changing by the minute. Reflector out – rain shade one minute, blinding the model the next. And by the time we were half way through – tourists!!!! By the hundreds. Clever.

Anyway – job done, pics up and out. And I loved every minute!

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