Euclidean Space – Patti Madsen

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Aug 202017
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Rather than using a conventional camera for this year’s Project 52 with Jenny, I selected my iPhone and iPad to create work that is different, unique and more thought provoking. Pursuit of more creative images and a return to my soul comes through trial and error and is a perpendicular learning curve.

The image I selected to share with aGathering is more conventional than others in this years project but capturing the facades of a building is alluring and daunting. Creating an artful architectural image that pulls in the viewer also involves post processing that might veer from the norm. It is not for everyone.

I am keen on making photographs that are the opposite of HDR and have an extremely narrow tonal range. There are no mid tones so they are black and white photos in the literal sense. There may appear to be some shading but that is minute dots, white on black and black on white.

I explored and experimented with the application of different apps dealing with ‘threshold’ until I found one that suited extreme and black and white and pushed it to its limit.

Patti Madsen

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  4 Responses to “Euclidean Space – Patti Madsen”

  1. Hi Patti
    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of the back and forth images that you and Jenny share and have always enjoyed the challenge you have made between yourselves. I love the idea of the “anti-HDR” approach, and particularly the concept of pushing boundaries until you get to a place that works for you.

  2. Welcome Patti,
    I love this image, and your non-HDR approach. I think one day we will date photos by the incorporation of the HDR technique, especially when it is overdone. Your wonderfully restrained image is clever, and dramatic without going mad for the sake of it. This is a perfect example of how not to overdo things. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  3. Welcome Patti, great so see your lovely image here. Love the processing, very effective!

  4. Hullo Patti. I am pleased to see one of your images on aGathering. It is interesting that you have used your phone to create this. Have you given up using your big camera completel? I know it is fun to use the camera, aka your phone, that you have in your pocket all the time. I enjoy the starkness of this image. I would love to see more. Keep on enjoying your photography using whatever means at your fingertips. Best wishes BB

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