Aug 062017
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We were strolling through the old medieval town of Damazan in France, with its wonderful architecture and arches. Somehow the girl leaning against the archway with her iPhone and puffing away just didn’t seem to fit in. 

Made me wonder about the generation of people who built those arches and what they did for entertainment.

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  One Response to “Different Generations – Meg Lipscombe”

  1. Thought provoking indeed. I met a lady in the local grocery store recently, she was probably over 80. Grey haired with an elderly elegance to her. She commented on my four boys and said it’s so different to my day! We were grateful for all we received, we were happy to do whatever our parents asked us to do and we never even thought to question it! We worked on the farm, did anything and everything. We worked hard and played when there was time. There were no electronics to keep us entertained, and no end of work to be done! If the hens didn’t lay enough eggs we might have got half an egg rather than a whole one. We just had to make-do. There were seven of us, all girls and we had to do the work that was needed.

    Her words have clung to me these last few days. We try to raise our boys as best as we can but the attitude of ‘it wasn’t as much fun as playing games'(i.e. xbox) keeps the bar high in their heads for what ‘fun’ really is. This ‘virtual world’ that they portal into and explore without moving anything but their thumbs and index fingers! When we do go out to explore the local area there’s this mad rush to get home, ‘how long will we be here? we want to go home!’ they exclaim. Why do you want to rush home? I ask. ‘To play games’

    However, we found a fun seaside park the other day and a few hours of sliding down a slide in their wetsuits and pouring water down it, and throwing sand at it seemed to be a lot of fun! They were asleep on the way home!

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