Tararuas – July 2017

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Aug 032017
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Having just shifted to Greytown we have been exploring the walks around our Woodside property. This walk is up into the Taruas just behind our place. It is rough, gnarly and very peaceful. Fiona and I enjoyed eachothers company and our own minds in this wild and wonderful place. One thing that struck me was that I am seeing differently to the last time I walked in a place like this. Physically, my detached retina has resulted in higher contrast vision in my right eye so I find walking in this light hard BUT my photographers el\ye loved it. It dawned on me that I was really enjoying the highlights so I made this image in celebration.

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  1. I saw this image first on my phone, yesterday. My reaction was to the darkness. However today I looked at a bigger version on my computer monitor and I was drawn to the details in the highlights.

    Then I read your words and understood …… but image size makes a difference.

    I was reminded of a YouTube video that I saw recently. Google Art of Photography, Artist series, Keith Carter. The video is just over 15 mins long. In it Keith talks about his vision and his photographs that express it. He had cancer related surgery on one eye that changed things for him.

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