Triangles – Carolyn Elcock

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Jul 302017
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About once a year my photography club has a Scavenger hunt. We are set challenges to find images to match, this can be done in solo or in teams. This year the challenges were:- Keep it super simple, Lines, Repetition and Upside down. My team didn’t end up using this image which is different from my usual style of photography. A fun evening with photography friends.

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  1. I love the scavenger hunt and have introduced it to two of my camera clubs here in Northern Ireland. Everyone feels daunted by it all at first but they love it by the time it’s all over! Amazing what you can create in a short period of time. Nice image Carolyn.

  2. I love this Carolyn. It is simple, clean, and has nothing unnecessary in it.

    I enjoy photographic scavenger hunts too, especially ones which have a tight time limit, because they make you think on your feet.

    Thank you for sharing your image. It’s great to have you back.

  3. Hi Carolyn. I also love the scavenger hunt and I think that the collaboration is part of the success. Bouncing things off each other seems to get everyone to a place that they wouldn’t go by themselves.

    This image gave me a real sense of strength. All those triangles leading to the same place and no hint at all of what it really is, for me, just tells a story of strength. And B+W is perfect

  4. Carolyn, you will not be surprised to know that I love this image – strong dynamic image with lines and shapes and in black and white!

  5. I love the disconnect we as photographers can create between the image and pragmatic, down-to-earth reality (I’m trying hard to avoid the word ‘abstraction’ as this has so many other photographic references) – the strong, stark industrial nature of the pipework, chains and shackles, compared to what it is in reality – appearances can be so deceptive 🙂 A great “seeing” eye to capture this!

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