Lake Louise #1

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Jul 272017
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Apparently, things get quite busy at the Alberta tourist spots at this time of the year.

All the car parks were full to overflowing and it was quite a walk to the lake. But what a wonderful sight when you get there.

There were probably 2-300 people on the lakeside. A small group of gospel singers had started singing, presumably in response to the wonderful environment. Just to the right and behind me, as I made this image, the Fairmont Hotel stands on a grand site. There were selfies being made by the zillions and there is a rock in the lake where people make an often-copied image of someone sitting in a meditative pose looking out to the lake. There was a queue for the rock……

The tourist binoculars seemed to summarise how I felt so after waiting for my turn I made this image. Even with a super wide view I managed to get something without many people and I was happy with it.

…………… but afterwards I wondered if I had missed the point. Was the story the lake or the people??

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  1. This one looks like an alien looking at the scene! I’ve been here, fabulous location indeed and people galore! Love the colours. So often we try to avoid having people in our photographs in locations such as these and to someone who hasn’t been there, a photograph without people will make it look like a remote location!

    I guess we want to remember it and to share it as if it is a remote location and we are the only ones to see it!

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