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Jul 192017
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By the end of the workshop, I had new friends in photography, new images to play with, new skills for hosting a workshop, and new places to explore.

I always say that if you can pick up one piece of information on any workshop or training event you attend then you are one further step ahead.

I found a box of camera films recently. How precious was a roll of film with 24 or 36 exposures, knowing each photograph cost money to make. Wondering when you put the film into the camera at times! Walk into the digital era and I think nothing of making 24 or 36 images in a few minutes! I make too many photographs! I’m hopeless at deleting.

As I go through my initial stages of making photographs when I arrive somewhere, changing settings, changing angles I know when I’ve found something that appeals to me but all that preliminary stuff can go, and the stuff in-between that I’m critical of too can go!

So the one gem I picked up from her workshop was to delete as you go along and only bring into the computer the ones you need.

Maybe the challenge for me wasn’t about working on my skills or style but about being more disciplined about what I’m keeping!

Where there’s challenge, there’s growth!

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