Jul 162017
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“Do you know who you are
You are a marvel
You are unique
in all the years that have passed,
there’s never been another child like you”
Pablo Casals

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  4 Responses to “Do you know who you are – Ann Worthy Stephenson”

  1. I love this Ann, beautiful words, beautiful image.

  2. I totally agree. It’s just lovely!

  3. thanks. I’ve been working on a new website for over a year. I knew I wanted to include this poem somewhere. but I didn’t know where or how. I wish every child could be told this over & over.
    Then just casually walking down the stairs the other day,,this image popped into my head and I knew! Funny how these things work. I made the image years ago, hadn’t thought of it since about September, them Boom! Front & center!

  4. Been sitting with this for a while Ann, wow the power of the words and imagery together is something special.

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