Wanaka #1

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Jun 292017
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A few days in Wanaka and I discovered that I can remember how my camera works……

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  3 Responses to “Wanaka #1”

  1. Terrible confession!

    For a body of photographers I note a number of us who aren’t taking out our cameras as much as we should be! Drumming up enthusiasm and motivation seems tricky, or maybe not that but a lack of time. Perhaps in our busy lives it’s a matter of making it a priority!

    • Completely agree Anita…………… For me its not a lack of opportunity but something has gone flat so now is the time to sort that out

      • I can relate to that feeling Ian, having been in a trough for a while now. Maybe you need a challenge to do something new; or just find that inner child and go out and play !!!

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