Winter #1 – Tarawera, June 2016

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Jun 262017
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I have Ann and Eva Polak to thank for this series. In November last year Ann’s birthday present to herself was a weekend workshop with Eva, that I got to join. As is so often I was stuck, and had hoped that a breakout from the linear thinking would help me get inspired again.

What inspired me was Eva, and what she was doing, I’ve always loved her work, and the way she works. And how everyone else responded to that. But I still didn’t really feel like making photographs. I wandered around, watching everyone else, tried the techniques, making a few desultory pictures myself, but more enjoying Eva’s talks and slideshows, and the company. However I felt, I was pretty sure that it would have some impact somewhere along the line.

Funny thing was, there was a shambles at the airport, and to try and get my flight I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to Eva, so it felt like there was some unfinished business there somewhere.

Quite by accident recently I found a way of photographing that went back to work I was making years and years ago, that I really loved. And suddenly I was out there playing, experimenting and actually laughing as I made the pictures. Subconscious prompts percolating away until the right moment.

The joy of play. And inspiration from people doing amazing stuff.

Thank you Eva!

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