Beach Finds 3

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Jun 212017
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A beach as the tide recedes is a blank canvas. Just like snow that’s fallen. We make our marks on it, it can become all cluttered but sometimes a footprint can be perfect in its isolation.

How much of an impact we make on the environment around us depends on many factors!

Leave nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but pictures.
Kill nothing but time.
John Muir

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  2 Responses to “Beach Finds 3”

  1. Great set Anita – especially in Christchurch in the middle of winter where being “In want of warmth” is the norm!!

    A couple of things resonated with me.

    Firstly your comment about applying the constraint of a triptec actually increasing your vision. I totally agree and I find that almost any constraint is a good thing when I am in “gathering” mode, that is just wandering and looking.

    Secondly I am really delighted by the way this “Set of 3” thing has changed aGathering. This series is a superb example of the power of a mini project.

    • Thanks for your comments Ian, glad you liked the series. I think the set of 3 is working well for all of us. I was on a workshop yesterday and I had to find a theme within a village. I worked on abandonment – incredible what you can find when you start looking for it!

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