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Jun 192017
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On Saturday we travelled to a beach about 1 hours drive from us – Murvagh Beach, Co. Donegal, Ireland. It was a warm and sunny June day and we thought it would be great to go to the beach. Seems like we left the sun and warmth at home however, and after a while I needed to walk along the beach to warm up! Even wearing a coat wasn’t enough. Well, it IS Ireland!

I always love seeing what’s lying around on a beach, different colours, shapes and patterns. Camera in hand I started making photos and I had a square format and some element of symmetry in mind from the beginning. I made a number of photos with a view to making triptychs, but on leaving the beach I wasn’t sure if I had enough to achieve that or not from my collation.

On my return home I read an article called ‘make a lot of photographs, and make them often’ by Julianne Kost. She works in triptychs and her quote ‘while the constraint of posting three related images, limits the possibilities yet somehow, simultaneously increases my creativity’ totally resonated with me.

So here comes three beach derived triptychs, made on a June day by a woman in want of warmth on a west coast beach!

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