Words in the Wind

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Jun 142017
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  1. I have looked back and forward through the two sets of “place” images.

    This set I found much more compelling and enjoyable.

    But I think I can understand why, from the academic point of view, the first set better satisfied you brief. For me these are more story orientated than place.

    “Story of a place” rather then “of a place”.

    And because they are story telling images I found the second set much more successful………….. But Im not your lecturer!!!

    • I, too, have been backwards and forwards between the two sets of images, and can appreciate what Ian has said about this second set. It’s interesting for me, because this second set of images feels to have more of a sense of hope – which is where the injection of “Jenny R” has come in I imagine. The storytelling aspect is more obvious in that it allows us to connect more easily with the imagery and thus create our own stories too, without background knowledge. However, I have to say, I really love the first set. That documentary/(and particularly) detached aesthetic always resonates for me. I haven’t been able to explain to myself why, but probably everyone else can!

      • I think I’ve just understood the attraction of the first set of images over the second set for me. It’s that element of “this is how it was”; a truth; regardless of how it appealed to our sense of what is “beautiful” or noteworthy. That moment and that viewpoint had something in it that made a connection to you and your heart/mind/soul; which is appealing to me, over the construction of a narrative which could be manipulated in any way you choose to sell us a particular story. I hope this makes the sense I’m trying to convey, I struggle to put it into words sometimes.

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