Jun 112017
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I feel like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel. But here goes …..

We’re house-sitting on the glorious Sunshine Coast of Australia for four months. I’ve taken my camera out twice in a month and captured a few snaps – a [poor] attempt to re-kindle my enthusiasm. I happily played with the light through the trees at Mary Cairncross Park, for a while – and snapped the same view that everyone else snaps. What the hell happened to my ability to completely lose track of time while my camera was in my hands? Moving on …

It was the story of how the famous Glass House Mountains were named that inspired me to create this image. I’d wondered about the name – it turns out that on viewing the mountains from the sea, James Cook was reminded of the glass furnaces back home in Yorkshire, and hence the name. However, the glass furnaces are conical shaped stone buildings, like most of the mountains, but before I knew that I thought of this little building I’d photographed in Cornwall, so I had a play on the computer, and here you are. Thankfully, I did get lost in play for a few minutes – perhaps there’s hope for me yet!

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  4 Responses to “Glass House Mountains, Cornwall – Vicki Slade”

  1. There is always hope Vicki! I love what you have done to this through association. The story had me really interested.

  2. Thanks for solving a mystery for me Vicki.
    Family members lived near these mountains some years ago. When we visited them I wondered why the ‘mountains’ were named Glass House Mountains, because they didn’t look like either glass houses or mountains. Great story.

  3. The ghostliness of the image plays so nicely with the history of your story. I know how hard it is to get or keep motivated to pick up the camera sometimes, but so glad that you did. It’s still really interesting to have these posts to be inspired by.

  4. I like the glassy coldness of the image but strangely would never think of Australia in this image but more of pollution and glass furnaces in Cornwall. Very fascinating.

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