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Jun 102017
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First I found the rows of shoes and was attracted to them, then I started to look for feet and interesting shoes and THEN I was amazed at how much legs and shoes can tell about people. Then a security guard escorted me away. I was innocently on the floor beside a rubbish bin. I do understand how it may have looked but that never occurred to me then.

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  3 Responses to “Shoes 3”

  1. This is great fun.

    When I saw the first image i immediately imagined you sitting on the ground taking fascinating pictures of peoples legs but completely oblivious to the odd looks you were getting!!!….

  2. This is my favourite of the three images. A great set up indeed. This is just the ‘decisive moment’! No wonder that you were ‘shoe’d’ away! Pardon the pun!

  3. Oh hilarious! Although I bet it wasn’t at the time. Did he check your pictures? This is a great set and I love your treatment of them. Still that wonderful gentle uplifting feel for such a “grounded” subject.

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