Photowalk #3

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Jun 032017
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Another thing that I have always enjoyed with the lensbaby is portraits.

Someone asked me the “odd lens” and I quickly showed them how it works by grabbing a shot of Jono.

Jono struck me as a great bloke. He is very relaxed and friendly, and he has some great ideas for project work with his camera.

When I looked back at the images this seemed to me to have captured his essence.

I should do this more often…….

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  3 Responses to “Photowalk #3”

  1. Interesting series Ian. Have you got some even more blurry images?

  2. Ian, I love these – blurry always gets me but these all have a deep resonance – the last leaf before winter instills a huge empathy, the keep out is powerful and I really do want to turn and leave, then Jono, such an empathetic portrait. Thoroughly enjoyable!! I look forward to more.

  3. I really enjoyed these Ian. A timely reminder to get out and play.

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