Gliding Over Ohiwa – Janet Keen

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May 282017
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This is Gliding Over Ohiwa.
This is one out of hundreds of the images in a series called Mandalas that I have been creating over the past year.
I am interested in exploring surprises that can occur when I lay several images over each other in photoshop, apply filters and cut and past segments out of them to form circles.
I love shooting images from nature and altering them so they look like semi -abstract impressionist paintings.
I have always wanted to fly so I take a lot of photographs of birds and skies, imagining I am up with them gliding over lands.
I am interested in concept of peace and harmony both internally and within the world around me.
Mandalas which are spiritual and ritual Buddhist symbols, representing the universe.
They are windows into my world and worlds in which I would love to dissolve into.

You can see more of my photographic Mandalas at, on my facebook page at and on my Viewbug page at
I use a Canon 550 D DSLR camera and a Canon 24 to 105 series L lens.

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  3 Responses to “Gliding Over Ohiwa – Janet Keen”

  1. Great thanks so much for including me. Its a nice big image:)

    • Great to have you join us Janet!

      This goes well with Sue Morton’s image of flying as well. Making dreams happen.

  2. I have always wanted to try flying one of those – It looks to be as close to a “birds eye” view as you can get.

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