Hope #3

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May 272017
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Hope is the thing that keeps us going. Sometimes we need to look for it but it might be found in the most surprising places.

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  1. Tim, these are beautiful! I showed a friend yesterday and she just gasped as it came up on screen. You face big challenges finding a new normal that will be constantly changing at the moment, but what I see in this work is the one thing that hasn’t changed, no matter how much of a hit you might feel it took; the absolute beauty that is your soul. It shines out of your work. I’m glad you went with your instincts on these, rather than letting that dubious judge, the mind, colour them the way it wanted.

    Lots of possibility here.

    Much, love and BIG hugs!

  2. These are wonderful Tim.

    The colours are warm and friendly and speak to me of a sense of positivity in spite of the journey that you were sent on.

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