Unknown Journey

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May 252017
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Suddenly the future is very unknown. I am recovering, but how much I recover, what I will be able to do and when that happens is uncertain. There is no set patterns here. Lots of blurry and harsh stuff in the foreground. I keep looking for something sharp, clarity, a bit of normal life “next week” but that seems to have been in tiny portions. Past that who knows? As I write this I am resisting the temptation to turn this image cooler and darker, but it’s present colouration is more pleasant so I will hope for that view.

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  2 Responses to “Unknown Journey”

  1. Stunning Tim. I see light and life in the dewdrops and hints at something beautiful behind that ‘harsh blurry foreground’. Best wishes in your search for clarity and normalcy!

  2. I love the colours here, the sharpness and the texture. It totally reflects what you say you are going through. You need to discover the ‘new normal’ and that will happen slowly but surely. Wishing you steady progress in your recovery.

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